This is gonna be the start of SOMETHING NEW

Hi, I am going to represent myself. My name is someone, my age is something and, as you can see I am very bashful. So once I’ve been a prominent blogger (it’s free to dream), I will flaunt to all of those who have seen me little.

All through my life I did not know how to convey myself until, all suddenly, it came. What came? Well, nothing really, it’s just a simple thing called writing. You just don’t do a lot of stuff in writing. You just ruminate about a monotonous subject, then suddenly it becomes a masterpiece, that’s just it. Joking. Writing is really intricate. You need to ponder everything until you know that the article will be an encouragement or a masterpiece. But I just want to tell you guys that even if this won’t get a lot of views or won’t get views at all, I am pleased, radiant, and buoyant because I finally got the courage to stand up from a sickening place and here I am, writing without guilt.

Here in my tedious blog, I will show you a glimpse of my life. From melancholy to my determining self. I will write about anything that pleasures me and you. In this blog are adventures that I am about to unfold. And of course, in this adventure, my companion is you.


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