Name of the Year :)

When it was still before the first day of school, my thoughts became wild, wondering if I would make friends or be an outcast like before. I don’t want this whole school year to be another boring-and-waiting-to-end year; I want it to be phenomenal. I never really thought that I would make such amazing friends, and finally, I never thought I could finally convey myself to some people and show my flaws and assets without guilt. And by now, I’m living life with a smile, which means I am utterly pleased.

Of course, the fact that I haven’t figured out how to bring my friends to Christ is quite exasperating because before this school year was just about to start, I wanted my friends to experience Christ in order for them to leave the tormenting life of a teenager once in a while. And of course, to make the highest rank in order for people to think I have a high intellect (which is not being systematic at all). I had a lot of laughs, and I still cannot believe that I am finally being an optimist. This year, there are more buoyancy to come, and if I would ever describe this year, it would be EXCEPTIONAL, so far.


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