Irrelevant Thoughts

I know a lot of people who have progressed a lot when it comes to writing, and yes, I do feel insecurity. Sometimes I think of myself as an imbecile for even starting this whole blog. There are moments where I would write numerous articles because I want to see myself being #1, when they only mean a simple-unimportant subject, and it becomes redundant, including this one. I am someone you would say ‘weird’, but then I am not ashamed. So, I thought, I just thought, I am significant enough. I read novels. Novels are my life, in fact. I have learned a lot in terms of writing, yet why am I not making headway far from this labyrinth, why am I locked? What is the remedy? Should I have second thoughts that maybe if I will be relentless, just keep the trust, and have self-esteem, I will reach it. Well, will I? Right now as you can see, I am eager, and obviously exaggerated. But as what many authors say, trust yourself, and you will unlatch every door and that beholds your future, so ‘will I’? As I ask myself, I figured I should.


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