Game of the Year

3 more days before our Intramurals and I am staggeringly thrilled. The last Intramurals, it was an ‘eh’ for me, but there are no classes for a week, so can I get a ‘what what’. Intramurals is not about winning (well, some of it) but about finding yourself being fund all of a sudden with your friends, getting to play a pleasurable sport, or winning by heart and for our sections. I never play during Intramurals since, 1st, because I am not sporty, 2nd, because I simply just do not want to sweat. Somehow I still find Intramurals enjoying despite, that I just give drinks and cheer to my classmates who are playing.

Last year I did not become attach to my section, I never even dared myself to talk to them or hang out with them because I ache for my old classmates: the most absurd, loquacious classmates in which I dearly loved the most. But now, I am seeing myself buoyant, to be honest. Anyway, this game of the year, it is bound to come and I long for it to start, especially that I want my memory to expand more with good ones, and I also come to think that once these days have passed, will I ever utter these words, “I miss those days.” Or “THAT INTRAMURALS WAS SPLENDID!” Anyway, day one…

Woken up at 6:30 AM (which is late) and everything is already in chaos! People shouting, and I was absolutely nettled by my family’s irrelevant arguments, such as my sister’s ridiculous complaints on why I want to wear her pants when I lend her my things whenever she is in need. I even wanted to stay at home instead of going to school because everything is so stressful to continue to dress up and do something productive. Like, I wanted to just lie on my bed, watch movies, while eating a pint of ice-cream. But then, those misunderstanding won’t stop me from attending the first day of our Intramurals, right?

So as I enter my school, I can see students gaily, I guess? And, shockingly, I saw some graduated students of my school, which means they did miss their old school even though the school is too stressful for my liking, (LOL?). The first day, there aren’t any games, but minor games such as The Bicycle Race, Flag Racing, and those games which I don’t normally watch. Nothing really, the whole day we just ate, and played Volleyball. I guarantee, even though we just played, I had fun. I mean, even though you are just sitting somewhere over the rainbow, you still can savor the experience of sitting if you have a companion that can instantly make you smile, and that happened to me.
I have got to be honest. Even though I am trying to be an optimist and TRYING to convince you that the first day was fun, WELL IT WAS NOT! You do not know how stressful this day was; I had to deal with the fact that I got wet, and it felt wholly uncomfortable; my pants also felt uncomfortable since it was too tight for a stout person like me; and it was so hot I felt like being cooked under the sun! I am not to be trusted. I am a perjurer, simply.

While I was finally on the way home, I was scanning through my camera roll. Seeing the pictures of the students, not realizing that I am smiling just like a total imbecile. I did not know why, but there was something about that day that somehow made things amiable. Maybe I saw a different perspective, or I am just being myself: eccentric. But even though this day was pretty chaos, we cannot disagree that there is something worth smiling for in a chaos day.

day 2..


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