Bonaventure: The Champion

The last day of Intramurals, yes! This proves that it was a misconception of what I said last three months ago, “This is the worst section ever,” well it actually isn’t. I mean I never really thought I would feel this sensation: desirable, puzzled in a good way, and simply the best. I wanted this feeling to continue. And, from what just happened, I knew I will forever remember this day.

I went to school, and sadly my best friend’s wasn’t still at school. I even thought that they were not going to come, especially that it was the last day of our Intramurals. But then, they did come, they were just late. Well, that is me, guys, being normally overacting.

They came when my section was playing Basketball. Bonaventure VS. John Eudes. They wanted this so bad you have no idea. I remember the night before the last day. Many posted in our group on Facebook on ‘how-to-win.’ They displayed love for us to win, I have never felt so good. Somehow, I find that we have unity. While we were cheering for my classmates, they were playing with their whole heart, and they kept their faith in God that they will win and even if they lose, they knew there is a reason on why they have come in that situation. So, I don’t know how to describe this. In the 1st quarter, the enemy was winning, but we got ourselves to the top when the game was ending. Our score was leading on the last minute, but then suddenly, the enemy got to shoot the ball at the last minute, so guess what – we lost. So, after that devastating moment, my classmates cried in grieve, and you do not know how it felt. My heart suddenly became soft and I felt pity for my classmates. Many, well, they were trying to cheer the players up, and I wanted to clap for them because of them being so dauntless – but never got to. As we eat for lunch, well, we were sad while eating, but then, my classmates suddenly got a plastic cup filled with water and ice, then suddenly hurled it to us, so we got back by doing the same, later then, we find ourselves all doing the same. It’s like the ice bucket challenge, well they induced it by the challenge. And, it feels so good, finishing the day with an iced water fight.

Actually, Intramurals for me isn’t about winning anymore when situations just get rough. It’s better to lose, if somehow we learned something worth-knowing. Losing, well, we do not want that, it also isn’t fatal. It is sometimes the key to positive things. Yes, we lost, but because we lost, we had come to a point where other classmates comforted those who are still saddened by our lost, we even played a water fight to cheer us up. A classmate of mine even dedicated a song for our section on the dedication booth. Saying, “It’s just a game,” and those words healed us and got to a point where we realize that we, finally, after four months we had UNITY. And, because of that, we know we won, because unity is something we never had, and here we are having an impact that changed all of us because Intramurals helped us to understand something – we are one.

My friends: Edcel and Bambi, they were the reasons why I laughed so much, and became buoyant. They are so absurd, crazy, and that’s what I loved the most about them. They also have pure hearts that you just cannot see anymore nowadays. But still, they are ugly, and that is the reason why I look like a prominent Victoria’s Secret model when I am with them. They, we’ll, they look like my guards, bouncers, and my die-hard fans. This day would not be the best day of my whole existence if it wasn’t because of Edcel and Bambi. It’s nice to have a perspective that you know we have unity, somehow. I am so happy this section is where I am today. My friends mostly are the reason why I am saying these positive, peculiar words in which I don’t normally say. But I just got to accept it. Even though we lost, I know we won. We won because I know we did our best, and man, we really did put our hearts out. You can see us smiling even though we won’t be able called champions on Monday. Our smile proves that Bonaventure prevails.


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