Hi, Love..

It may seem unconvincing but then again, it is what we are derived from, something that is made beautifully, that is love. And so as He had said, “Love one another as like how I have loved you.” Without doubt, I say to you, I love you too.

Irrelevant Thoughts

I know a lot of people who have progressed a lot when it comes to writing, and yes, I do feel insecurity. Sometimes I think of myself as an imbecile for even starting this whole blog. There are moments where I would write numerous articles because I want to see myself being #1, when they […]

Name of the Year :)

When it was still before the first day of school, my thoughts became wild, wondering if I would make friends or be an outcast like before. I don’t want this whole school year to be another boring-and-waiting-to-end year; I want it to be phenomenal. I never really thought that I would make such amazing friends, […]

This is Depressing

Who would not be excited? I am currently saving up money to buy a Macbook Pro for me to make my ever first fiction novel. And by now, I’m still pondering over the fact that I haven’t made a huge amount of money unlike what I was expecting. By now, my money should be 10,000 […]